Iroquois Showroom

In my quest to uncover what we’ll be wearing this Spring, last week I took up the invite to go to the Iroquois showroom. The two floor office is based in Old Street and represents a handful of designers that range from minimalist jackets and shirts to hand printed t-shirts based on British weather- not as depressing as you’d think.


The first collection was by jewellery designer, Gina Stewart Cox and was a unique collection of bracelets and cable thread  bangles in bright colours. The idea began on the designer’s travels when she came across trinkets and souvenirs and started creating the jewellery in the style of small keepsakes and friendship bracelets with the idea being to stack them up your arm. They are made from a strong material with silver fastenings for longevity as well.


Following the theme of a creative summer wardrobe is Simeon Farrar with the collection based on classic


 British weather. Expect a lot of rain drops in bright printed colours using an interesting technique of printing each item several times individually to create unique t-shirts and delightful chiffon dresses.

David Longshaw was the most distinctive designer who bases all of his collections around characters and tells their stories through the clothes. The Spring/Summer collection was the story of a couple who go away together on the advice of the female character’s father (the title; “Father said it would have been nice to go to the seaside”) and take a boat trip to puffin island. On the way to the island, the girl, Sophie has a flashback of a book she read about a puffin and in freight, hits her boyfriend, Dan, with an oar over the head, killing him. With a shovel, she had in teh boot, she burries him at the shore and vows to wear a flower in her hair everyday to honour his memory.

The story is told through blue chiffon and printed shift dresses with flower patterns. A dress made from cone shaped material symbolises the flowers growing.

With David’s Autumn/Winter Collection based on his original character, Maude, a chic fashionista mouse. Here’s a preview but be sure to follow it up with highlights including mouse hats and bags.

For more information about any of the collections, go to: or follow the Twitter page:


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