End the Pyjama Party

The definition as found in the Oxford Dictionary for pyjamas is that of loose fitting clothes for sleeping in. For bed time, in bed, around the house and, in my opinion, that’s it. There’s not a definition that states they are to be worn in public.

People who wear pyjamas out to the shop or when taking children to school or running errands are clearly unaware of this fact or just ignore it. Perhaps they think no one notices the polka dot trousers or, even worse, the dressing gown.  Maybe they think it’s okay because they’re only “popping out for a minute”.

It’s not okay.

Wearing a tracksuit on a regular basis is at best slack and scruffy but at least they’re sold as clothes and not nightwear. Pyjamas are a sign that you’ve reached a certain stage where everyday social customs are somewhat irrelevant and at that point, who knows what the pyjama wearer is capable of. Getting dressed takes barely any effort or time. I don’t personally understand the issue with pulling in a pair of jeans and a top on the way out.

The other issue I have is slightly more personal and it is that of underwear. For example, does the pyjama wearer actually take off the pyjamas to put underwear on- if they do not wear bra/pants to bed? Or do they change they’re underwear and then put the pyjamas back on? Its a questionable logic because while they were changing, you’d think the obvious thing is to just put on some clothes (outside clothes). Or, then the most uncomfortable options would be that the pyjamas wearer does not put pants on and goes commando or simply keeps the pants on they wore to bed. And the issue of a bra. Do they wear a bra to bed? Or are there hundreds or breasts hanging free on the local lazy chav? Perhaps nice for the bosom but I feel like we don’t need to experience that.

I am not the kind of person who is always immaculately presented and I don’t expect a perfectly dressed population all of the time (it would force me to make more of an effort) but pyjamas are not even clothes for outside of bed let alone the house. It is an issue of hygiene if nothing else.

And I do apologise if the next time you see someone in pyjamas, all you think of is absent underwear or dirty pants…


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