The Most Stylish City- The Results

Its been over a week since the poll looking to find the most stylish city was opened to viewers. After a tense few days, the votes have been counted and the results are in. So, did your city win? With the cities in question being; London, New York, Milan and Paris, it was a difficult decision.

In fourth place with 13% was New York

Third place was Paris with 20%

Taking second place was Milan with 27%

Making the winner of the Poll and the most stylish city with nearly half the vote (40%), London.

So, why did London win your vote for the most stylish city?

London is renowned for its eclectic style from the upper class West End dressers in Burberry and Mulberry to the young fashion followings of Henry Holland and Christopher Kane who mix an urban feel with high fashion. Perhaps, that is why, then that London attracts the most votes and attention; because there is always something unexpected on the way.

This year, at London Fashion Week, Christopher Kane’s Autumn/Winter collection consisted of evening dresses embellished with a plastic sheen and while Burberry sent down an array of classic coasts in luxury fabrics and prints, Burberry Prorsum finished its show with a selection of plastic rain macs. Henry Holland went for bright prints and graphic tights with traditional 60s style shift dresses.

London Fashion Week was restricted this year in its budget and only a limited number of designers could show in places such as Somerset House. Perhaps this as a result of the financial crisis but while we are trying to deal with this issue, many London and UK based designers are going away to show in other capitals such as Paris and Milan. People often say that the fashion industry goes unaffected in times of financial trouble but this is not the case right now and with London’s support of new designers so famous, it is so important to ensure that our best undiscovered designers are not forced to show overseas.


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