Skyfall to be a Chart Topper

Adele’s Skyfall theme tune for the new Bond film could be the first of the famous Bond theme tunes to reach the number one spot. The song has been compared in sound to Dame Shirley Bassey’s ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Diamonds are Forever’ but being the only artist to do a second song for the series, I don’t think Adele will be too offended by the likeness.

You can check Adele’s Skyfall out on YouTube here:

As part of a project, yesterday I asked people on the streets of London who their favourite James Bond is and why. As Adele’s single goes to release, I suppose its only apt to move on to the ‘Bond Girls’. Who, then, is the most stylish of this glamorous group of women?

Each girl gave women an image of power and strength from the 60s when we see Ursula Andress, considered the first Bond girl, push the boundaries of the time (1962) in a revealing bikini descending from the sea.

Does Ursula’s independence and refusal to conform to the image of 60s appropriateness make her the most stylish Bond Girl?

“My name is Pussy Galore..” Honor Blackman’s famous line caused more controversy with Goldfinger’s release in the 60s. It seems Sean Connery wasn’t given enough credit for finally seducing her after a judo fight between the two characters, as in the book, Miss Galore is actually a lesbian.

With a perfectly set blonde bob and being able to work a blazer as well as James Bond, Honor Blackman is definitely a stylish woman.

Kristina Wayborn is Magda, sent from the enemies of the Octopussy cult to seduce James Bond in order to recover something the cult wants. This, the beautiful blonde achieves with ease and leaves Bond empty-handed in the morning. She has a calm and considered composure and is a talented pick-pocket.. Perhaps not the most stylish trait a woman can possess..

Teri Hatcher, an unexpected Bond Girl to those of us who aren’t experts plays Paris Carver and is one of the only women to which James Bond feels emotional attachment. However, after seducing Paris, her husband, Elliot Carver kills her in the hotel room she shares with James Bond. Her character may not have lasted long but she did experience a very saucy sex scene with Pierce Brosnan and has the perfect collar bones to wear diamonds. Along with eight seasons as a Desperate Housewife, it didn’t end so bad for Teri Hatcher.

Finally, the Ursula Andress of the noughties, Halle Berry, plays ‘Jinx’ in Die Another Day. Her character ends up working on the same case as Bond and as a secret agent herself, manages to defeat Miranda Frost, the film’s femme fatale. Berry also ends up landing a helicopter with Bond in a remote location with a bag of diamonds poured over her toned stomach. Stylish or just lucky, she does work the bikini well…

It’s safe to say that the women of the James Bond films have made as many headlines as the men themselves. An image of independence, strength and most obviously, sex, they’ve definitely marked their place in movie history.

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