Documentary of Gucci’s Frida Giannini screens at Tribeca Film Festival

Produced by James Franco, face of Gucci cologne and directed by Christina Voros, the Gucci documentary, The Director follows the marvellous Frida Giannini for 18 months through three seasons.

James Franco approached the often camera shy Creative Director about the film and she claims she originally understood it to be a joke as part of his dry sense of humour but soon agreed to the intimate and personal documentary. The Italian fashion house is 90 years old and Giannini explains in the opening lines of the trailer that she never expected this life for herself. The Director is shot in black and white and while breathing elegance and style with a fantastic soundtrack (and that’s just the trailer), Franco and Voros really wanted to show the many sides that Giannini embodies on a daily basis.

With the time period spanning 18 months, they were able to capture all of these facets from the weeks leading up to fashion week to the catwalk itself as well as Frida Giannini’s personal life which she has kept close to her chest since joining the brand in 2006. Opening up about her relationship with Gucci’s CEO and company president, Patrizio di Marco, she also discusses her pregnancy as Giannini gave birth to her daughter on March 2nd this year.

Christina Voros explains to Women’s Wear Daily, that Giannini wanted people to “see and understand” what goes on behind the scenes of an iconic bag, “how much work goes into what they do.. From Frida down to the artisans who actually handle the leather. It’s a huge enterprise.”

The question from those of us who didn’t have the privilege to attend the New York screening is whether we’ve seen this kind if thing before?
The most recent Anna Wintour documentary released in 2012 gave viewers an insight into her warm and charming personality behind the scenes and its difficult to know whether this will be any different?

Perhaps we have seen it all before or perhaps it will change minds about the changing global industry. There’s only one way to find out and with James Franco’s name attached to production and Gucci’s name in the by line, it may just be worth the risk.

Will you be going to watch the documentary?


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