Ice Watch Launch

Last night, on the fifth floor of the luxurious Aqua Nueve bar and restaurant, the official launch of Cathy Guetta’s collection for Ice Watch hit West London.

The watches are bold, bright and make a statement (F*** Me, I’m Famous comes to mind) with a theme following on from husband, David Guetta’s worldwide club nights. The party started at 6.30pm as did the delicious cocktails and canapés. Wine continued to flow throughout the night as guests admired the collection and mingle on the roof terrace enjoying the surprisingly glorious weather. Continue reading


The Welsh Collective

Last Tuesday left me with a second reason (after Pancake Day) to celebrate 21st February; my invitation to the Welsh Collection.

Held at the aptly named White Rabbit Studios, Shoreditch, the small space can be found following the side roads off the main street. Arriving about 15 minutes early, the queue grew substantially with press cameras coming out to capture the hub of anticipation outside the door. Near me were two other bloggers, one for their own blog and another for the Groupon website, stopping by before a trip to LA. 

Once we were allowed in and handed our press leaflets, I took my seat in the front row- the press camera from various publications such as Reuters were set up at the end of the white runway. The setting was simplistic, walls and floor painted white and only a few rows of seats for an intimate number of people.

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