Chanel No 5 Advert, Pitt of a let down

With the unveiling of Brad Pitt’s new advert for Chanel No. 5, so comes the inevitable judgement and scrutiny of the actor.

I can’t help it, I wanted to like it, I thought that I would…

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Make-up your Mind

It has long been a routine that each season we are instructed to either draw attention to our lips or eyes. Around winter as its seen as the party season, the make-up moguls create a “smokey eye” look or a red lip. Come the warmer months, make up is more sedate and more subtle, pink or orange shades come into play. This coming season, however, we are faced with the conundrum of a clear face. The Spring/Summer collections had their models with a dewy complexion and rosy cheeks. And the focus? This season, we look to the brow.

I guess this can still fall under the “eye” category but the issue we are facing is that when we’re informed that red lips are in, a make-up counter holds hundreds of shades of red to match various skin tones, with the additional option of texture in gloss or matte to allow access to all. How do you fit into this season’s make-up trend? Have perfect skin and “statement eyebrows”.

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