Spring Trend Watch

With the new season has come a new ladylike elegance from the catwalks of the Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks.

One of my favourite looks came from the Burberry Prorsum collection with an updated version of the pencil skirt. For me, it is one of the most flattering shapes and I’m glad it’s a silhouette that has carried through to the new season. The pastel hues and delicate, embellished lace are just some of the fresh ways to wear this style while remaining sophisticated and wearable. Pair with a matching lace or sheer blouse to embrace this ultra-feminine look.

Burberry Prorsum ss14Burberry Prorsum ss14 #2


Fashion Weeks so Far

With Paris Fashion Week coming to an end today, one thing we can take from Spring/Summer 2013 is that designers are taking a very feminine approach. Something that was almost to be expected as collections tend to balance out an extreme from the previous season. As we go into Autumn and Winter, colours are rich jewel tones of emerald, sapphire and garnet and the biggest contrast is in the different textures of leather look panels, knits and a pop of leopard print or tartan in velvet or corduroy.

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Fascination with Fashion Film

Since before Audrey Hepburn transformed Truman Capote’s classic to the big screen wearing Givenchy on her New York escapades, fashion has played various roles in the world of film. Award ceremonies are watched religiously by millions for the stars’ style and it is often the dress that is remembered longer than the award. It would seem that fashion has finally taken the lead in its very own genre-aptly named ‘Fashion Film’. A genre in which fashion is to play the protagonist and no longer take a back seat.

Picture taken from

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Nicky Lewis Interview

The model industry is portrayed as both controversial and glamorous by the media but it is difficult to understand what it is really like from the outside. I interviewed Nicky Lewis, a working model from South Wales who has been modelling for over a year. She spoke to me about her experiences so far…

ImageHow long would you say you have been officially modelling?

I have been officially modelling for about year and a half and it has been the most amazing learning curve.

What made you want to start taking modelling seriously and was there a moment that made up your mind?
I’ve always wanted to model, I’ve always bought the latest magazine and love looking at the latest trends but I have always thought that the girls wearing them had the best jobs in the world, getting to wear the fantastic clothes.

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The Welsh Collective

Last Tuesday left me with a second reason (after Pancake Day) to celebrate 21st February; my invitation to the Welsh Collection.

Held at the aptly named White Rabbit Studios, Shoreditch, the small space can be found following the side roads off the main street. Arriving about 15 minutes early, the queue grew substantially with press cameras coming out to capture the hub of anticipation outside the door. Near me were two other bloggers, one for their own blog and another for the Groupon website, stopping by before a trip to LA. 

Once we were allowed in and handed our press leaflets, I took my seat in the front row- the press camera from various publications such as Reuters were set up at the end of the white runway. The setting was simplistic, walls and floor painted white and only a few rows of seats for an intimate number of people.

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