The Mulberry Meltdown

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Once the brand of the young aspirational fashionista with bags named after the likes of Alexa Chung and Lana Del Rey, the British brand has started to lose its identity and around £140m in the last twelve months.

A master of the accessible luxury market, Mulberry increased its profits by a reported 526 per cent from 2010 to 2011 exceeding £1bn. It was at this point, however, that some decisions made by the company proved too challenging and alienated their followers.

The company appointed Bruno Guillon to CEO from the French label, Hermes, the mark of prestige and luxury leather goods. As he forced prices up in an attempt to compete with leading luxury brands, Mulberry lost its connection with middle England and opened up the market for a host of designers who were only too happy to take its place.

They paved the way for designers marketing to the mid-to-high price point sector but now they have left, the gap has closed with Kate Spade, Michael Kors and diffusion lines from bigger brands taking the opportunity.

With the dismissal of Bruno Guillon, hopefully Mulberry will be able to re-establish itself and reconnect with its market, its true market although this will take time. It has been reported this week that they will be lowering their price points and the Cara Delevingne collection for the brand is step backwards to backing popular icons that young people can relate to. It’s going to be a difficult ride for the British brand but it will be an interesting one to watch.

Although the prices are yet to be released on their website, the collection is available to view. Here are some of the pieces and you can find the rest here


Coppafeel! at Petits Bisous

I have recently been working on the website for the Petits Bisous lingerie boutique and have been involved in some fun and interesting events. With stunning décor and luxurious lingerie, Petits Bisous’s boutique offers the perfect backdrop to a host of intimate events such as the salons lead by the American sex guru, Midouri, who guides women to release their sexual potential. Also coming up next week is the Peels and Panties event, working with Biomedix and complete with butlers in the buff.

This week, it was the turn of an inspiring charity, Coppafeel! which works to encourage women of all ages to be aware of their breasts and be aware of any changes to their breasts that could be dangerous. If anyone watched BBC 3’s documentary about the Coppafeel! founder, Kris Hallenga, I’m sure you would understand her passion for this charity as she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 23.

Coppafeel’s ethos is not to scare women to run to their GPs everyday but to be aware of their bodies and speaking at Petits Bisous, their young spokeswomen which include Made in Chelsea’s Ashley James, spoke candidly of their own experiences whether with breast cancer personally or a breast cancer scare. Discussing the moving and serious topic in such an honest and open way answered many of the attendees questions but also created a safe atmosphere to discuss a difficult matter in an easy and fun setting.

A prosecco cocktail and boob cupcake added fun and sparkle to the event to make sure everyone felt welcome and comfortable, if not a bit strange tucking into nipple icing…

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China’s e-commerce Market set to overtake Facebook

AlibabaTaking online companies public became a monumental task when Facebook failed to sustain its initial public offering (IPO) on the first day the social networking site hit the market. Although the IPO raised $16 billion and became the third largest in US history, the value of the stocks continued to decrease.

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce conglomerate part owned by Yahoo!, is rumoured to go public with an estimated worth of $190 billion, more than double Facebook’s worth on the first day of going public. If this was to happen, Alibaba would be second only to Google in online companies and with investments into mobile gaming and messaging, the company is not resting on just being second.

The company is described as a cross between eBay and Amazon as an online market place with 618 million online shoppers that purchase anything from luxury goods to electrical items. The company also runs Tmall, another e-commerce platform that attracted 400 million consumers on Singles Day, an annual online marketing campaign similar to Cyber Monday in the West. Tmall alone made $5.7 billion compared to the $2 billion Americans spent on the Cyber Monday equivalent.

Chinese spending power is unrivalled with a forecast of $540 billion next year in the e-commerce market. If Alibaba hits the stock exchange, UK investors should work to involve UK companies in the site to make the most of the potential revenue of this huge business.


Consumers want more from Online Retailers

The time of trawling through hundreds of ‘going out dresses’ to find the right one is over as consumers want a more sophisticated online shopping experience.

Go to the dressing room at H&M’s online store or complete a questionnaire at the online shoe boutique, Shoeaholics to get a service tailored to you and your requirements, whether it be for a special occasion or for your personal style. On signing up to Shoeaholics, questions include which celebrity’s style is most like your own or which of a selection of shoes do you prefer.

That’s not all, Lyst is an American online fashion site that promises a bespoke experience by showing you a selection of items based on your personal criteria including your favourite brands, colours and styles.

With the online market growing each season, both new retailers that take to the competitive field of e-commerce and existing staples such as ASOS are going to have to up their game.

Alexa Chung- IT

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Have you ever wondered how the mind of Vogue contributing editor, Alexa Chung works? If the answer is yes, then her book is definitely all the insight you need into her intriguing, engaging and extremely fashionable life.

Starting as a model and then moving on to TV presenter, fashion muse and contributing editor of UK Vogue is no mean feat. Reading through IT gives the impression that this kind of thing is in Alexa’s DNA. She has the ease, honesty and sense of humour comparable to New Girl’s Jessica Day but also the edge and style to be enviably cool at the same time.

With a collection of interesting and fun pictures throughout the book and a host of witty memoirs that chronicle Chung’s life through fashion, it is definitely a book to have on the shelf ready to pick up and relish time and time again.


New Kardashian Line for Lipsy London

After their Kollection for Dorothy Perkins, the Kardashian sisters are putting their name to something a bit more glamorous with this most recent collaboration.
Speaking to Vogue, Kim Kardashian described the Lipsy collection as inspired by the likes of Alaïa and Valentino which she says is a little unusual for them. Kim said it was the type of fabric the sisters wanted to emulate in the pieces such as the comfortable stretch of Isabel Marant’s Parisian style. In Alaïa’s textiles, it was the suck and hold in that could be applied to create form flattering body con dresses.

The collection is out today and has some really stunning pieces that are a true expression of both brand Kardashian and brand Lipsy.
See some of the images below from the photoshoot by Terry Richardson.

All pictures are taken from Google and article