New Kardashian Line for Lipsy London

After their Kollection for Dorothy Perkins, the Kardashian sisters are putting their name to something a bit more glamorous with this most recent collaboration.
Speaking to Vogue, Kim Kardashian described the Lipsy collection as inspired by the likes of Alaïa and Valentino which she says is a little unusual for them. Kim said it was the type of fabric the sisters wanted to emulate in the pieces such as the comfortable stretch of Isabel Marant’s Parisian style. In Alaïa’s textiles, it was the suck and hold in that could be applied to create form flattering body con dresses.

The collection is out today and has some really stunning pieces that are a true expression of both brand Kardashian and brand Lipsy.
See some of the images below from the photoshoot by Terry Richardson.

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How to wear: Leaopard Print

How to wear: Leaopard Print
Wearing leopard print is one of those things that always intends to look classic Saint Tropez chic but in practise, often looks classic Bet Lynch.
The trick is to keep the touches of print subtle and feminine with more sheer materials to avoid harsh and unflattering lines.
Take your pick from the selection above and prepare to make an impact when you hit the beach this summer.
1. Dorothy Perkins – £45
2. Rare London Leopard Print – £22
3. Cheap Monday Sunglasses – £20
4. Bikini – £18
5. H&M blouse – £12.99

The Very First Fashion and Beauty Review Site

My Fashion Review produces reviews from personal wardrobes so that everyone can share each other’s personal style.

Fashion Review Post

Its unique as no other site is based completely on reviews of personal fashion and beauty buys and is a great opportunity to get some honest opinions on the clothes we’re all wearing (or wishing we were). With such a range of different women from fashion students to young professionals, it offers really interesting insight and perhaps a different way to wear some of the clothes in your closet.

Keep an eye out as my first review is going up in the next couple of days and I’ll be sharing my favourite purchases this season… My Fashion Review!


The Most Stylish City- The Results

Its been over a week since the poll looking to find the most stylish city was opened to viewers. After a tense few days, the votes have been counted and the results are in. So, did your city win? With the cities in question being; London, New York, Milan and Paris, it was a difficult decision.

In fourth place with 13% was New York

Third place was Paris with 20%

Taking second place was Milan with 27%

Making the winner of the Poll and the most stylish city with nearly half the vote (40%), London.

So, why did London win your vote for the most stylish city?

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Nicky Lewis Interview

The model industry is portrayed as both controversial and glamorous by the media but it is difficult to understand what it is really like from the outside. I interviewed Nicky Lewis, a working model from South Wales who has been modelling for over a year. She spoke to me about her experiences so far…

ImageHow long would you say you have been officially modelling?

I have been officially modelling for about year and a half and it has been the most amazing learning curve.

What made you want to start taking modelling seriously and was there a moment that made up your mind?
I’ve always wanted to model, I’ve always bought the latest magazine and love looking at the latest trends but I have always thought that the girls wearing them had the best jobs in the world, getting to wear the fantastic clothes.

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Most Stylish City?

After the most recent cycle of fashion week has broadcast across the world, it seems like perfect timing to find the ultimate fashion location. With such a huge range of different styles on show for Autumn/Winter collections, take your pick from the four famous cities.






Iroquois Showroom

In my quest to uncover what we’ll be wearing this Spring, last week I took up the invite to go to the Iroquois showroom. The two floor office is based in Old Street and represents a handful of designers that range from minimalist jackets and shirts to hand printed t-shirts based on British weather- not as depressing as you’d think.


The first collection was by jewellery designer, Gina Stewart Cox and was a unique collection of bracelets and cable thread  bangles in bright colours. The idea began on the designer’s travels when she came across trinkets and souvenirs and started creating the jewellery in the style of small keepsakes and friendship bracelets with the idea being to stack them up your arm. They are made from a strong material with silver fastenings for longevity as well.