Coppafeel! at Petits Bisous

I have recently been working on the website for the Petits Bisous lingerie boutique and have been involved in some fun and interesting events. With stunning décor and luxurious lingerie, Petits Bisous’s boutique offers the perfect backdrop to a host of intimate events such as the salons lead by the American sex guru, Midouri, who guides women to release their sexual potential. Also coming up next week is the Peels and Panties event, working with Biomedix and complete with butlers in the buff.

This week, it was the turn of an inspiring charity, Coppafeel! which works to encourage women of all ages to be aware of their breasts and be aware of any changes to their breasts that could be dangerous. If anyone watched BBC 3’s documentary about the Coppafeel! founder, Kris Hallenga, I’m sure you would understand her passion for this charity as she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 23.

Coppafeel’s ethos is not to scare women to run to their GPs everyday but to be aware of their bodies and speaking at Petits Bisous, their young spokeswomen which include Made in Chelsea’s Ashley James, spoke candidly of their own experiences whether with breast cancer personally or a breast cancer scare. Discussing the moving and serious topic in such an honest and open way answered many of the attendees questions but also created a safe atmosphere to discuss a difficult matter in an easy and fun setting.

A prosecco cocktail and boob cupcake added fun and sparkle to the event to make sure everyone felt welcome and comfortable, if not a bit strange tucking into nipple icing…

2014-04-03 21.48.27